Thread: Proposal: Plekanec+Beaulieu for Ryan
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05-19-2013, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by BROOKLYnKNIGHTS View Post
Yeah and you guys are asking for an all star winger.
How does Anaheim replace that?
My counter is as preposterous as the Op offer.
Get the point.
The OP is not "preposterous". There might need to be some shifting, but it is quite decent value as evidenced by some Anaheim fans agreeing that it is good value. I actually do not think Ryan for Galchenyuk is "preposterous", either, but it would not happen due to what Montreal's needs at center have been for 2 decades. Montreal would never entertain trading Galchenyuk at this point in time. Anaheim is entertaining trading Ryan (at least the fans are).

Anaheim needs a top 6 center who can produce points. Not only can Plekanec produce points, he can shut down opposing teams' top offensive lines. He is also a veteran capable of helping young players succeed. He would be a great 2nd line center for Anaheim. On his own he will not get Ryan. That is why I have added valuable secondary options (Diaz or Beaulieu or our 1st in 2013 as long as you guys send your 3rd back to us with Ryan) to balance out some of the difference. If it is a bit off, make a fair counter offer that takes team needs into account.

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