Thread: Post-Game Talk: Wings humiliate the Hawks 4-1
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05-19-2013, 10:06 PM
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That was one tough game to watch. Don't want to read through all of the posts. I'm going to offer some of my opinions, though.

I believe that Quenneville has been heavily outcoached, and he's effectively given away home ice advantage.

Not taking advantage of the last change: Babcock has chosen to play Datsyuk against Handzus, and he's destroying our second line. For a coach who's famous for shuffling lines, Q's been strangely slow to react. Instead of dictating the matchups, he allowed Babcock to match his choice of lines. If we think Datsyuk and Zetterberg are tough centers to play against, think of Handzus against Kopitar/Richards, Krejci/Bergeron, or Crosby/Malkin. Troubling, to say the least. Bolland might not be hitting on all cylinders, but I trust him more than Handzus. The corollary here is that Toews is more suited to go against Datsyuk than Zetterberg.

The center conundrum continues: If Kruger wasn't so good on the PK this year, and above average defensively, he'd be sitting right now. The lucky goal notwithstanding, he's horrible offensively. And he still gets knocked on his arse more times per game than any other player. He must have almost no lower body strength compared to his peers. I'd put him on wing, move Shaw to 4th line center for faceoffs (Kruger to play the center position otherwise), slide Handzus to 3C, and, and put Bolland at 2C.

Stalberg: There is no way he should have been sitting for the second game. Not only is he better than Carcillo, he's also been better than Shaw, Frolik, and Kruger this playoffs. Q made his point with the first game...fine, now let it go. Stalberg in the second game would have been a wrinkle for Detroit to think about, his speed is something they'd have difficulty with, and he would have made the third line more dangerous. A matchup mismatch, which is something we need.

Additionally, some players have yet to perform to expectations. Those include Handzus, Shaw, Kruger, Saad (though the effort is there, and I think he's close, much like the first 10 games of the season), and most glaringly Toews. Now it's hard to complain about Toews, given his all out effort and defensive game. However, he also has to put points up, otherwise we won't be going far in the playoffs.

The forward lineup I'd like to see...


If Zetterberg is still matched up against Toews, I'd flop Hossa and Kane. Toews needs Kane right now to get him going.

I'll be at game 3, so I will be able to get a better feeling for what's going on away from the puck. Hope the Hawks come out with some passion and urgency for this one. They were comatose in game 2.

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