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05-19-2013, 10:07 PM
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might as well add and begin to talk about Pearson in here as well now. i tried focusing on him all the time when he was out there. at times it was difficult due to his TOI being short and very random (for obvious reasons).

the two things that stood out to me was

1- he needs to keep his feet moving. it may have been the circumstances, but he was cruising quite a bit and coasting. it may have been due to, "i can't believe i am in a NHL playoff game. hey that's Joe Thornton over there." he was just slightly behind a step on a few situations due to it. otherwise known as the 'speed' of the game being faster. not worried about this because it's an adaptation and not a skill issue.

2- he didn't shy away from sticking his nose in anyplace. i didn't see him playing off, playing soft or giving guys space due to being a rookie.

overall i thought he did a good job. for the stage he was playing on to keep his composure and not commit any mistakes was a win. he went largely unnoticed which for a rookie is a good thing, because it means he didn't F up.

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