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05-19-2013, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by 5 Hole View Post
I feel the same way, and having been to both arenas I really do think the location has a lot to do with people caring about it.. if it was downtown there would be more of a buzz..
I agree. And to the above, I do watch the lightning and the panthers. I've seen us struggling long enough that my blind optimism has faded (from the days where I thought Shvidki was going to be a perennial all-star, Novoseltsev the next Bure, Frolik a surefire 40 goal scorer/superstar etc..) and I can look at this team for what it is. Criticizing this team does not mean I'm any less of a panthers fan than anyone on this board. To throw out the trite "watch said team" remark as if that grants instant credibility is laughable. I don't need to defend my opinions or my hockey knowledge. There are plenty others on here who find some validity in my opinions, and I'm tired of drinking the kool-aid that this team has spewed for years. Last year was great with the playoffs and all, but I'm not sold yet.

Don't envy the lightning. That's fine by me, but if Huberdeau becomes a player close to the Stamkos stratosphere, I'll be ecstatic. They have some unbelievably exciting talent and more coming through the pipeline. I have paid for tickets simply to see St. Louis and Stamkos together out there. Similar to when Bure was with us in FLA, it's worth the price of admission for exciting talent like that. Huberdeau and MacKinnon are the two hopes I have at present, but I don't think anyone else in the organization has a chance to be more than a complimentary guy on offense unless the stars align.

We can play the injury card all day, but maybe we just have soft guys or guys who aren't completely dedicated to winning. Look at Boston and teams like that, with rugged, strong players who don't break down all the time. Steeg and Weiss are soft, no one can argue. Weiss is undersized and has played with injuries. He's done his best, but he's no Callahan. Steeg was so out of shape when he started back up, and sure, his knee injury may have been bad luck, but his style of play opens him up to being lit up or putting himself into vulnerable positions when he tries to dangle the entire team going east-to-west. I would highly doubt either of those guys are on the team the next time we win a playoff series. Other injuries may have been bad luck, like Bergenheim, and they certainly played a role with our AHL roster filling in 3/4ths of the team, but it happens every year. We're always right up there in man-games lost to injury, so we'd better prepare however possible to deal with that. A summer for guys to train will help versus the abbreviated camps, undoubtedly.

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