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05-19-2013, 11:08 PM
Hugo Sham
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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Where is that list of reasons as to why Stastny would be worth giving up good assets and 6.6 million dollars for? All you have listed is him being over 6 feet and over 200 pounds. What about the fact that he is soft as butter, is not strong with the puck down low or in the corners, doesn't hit, can't fight, and has seen his offensive production drop significantly over 3 seasons?

The ONLY reason you bring another center to Montreal is if that center brings something to the team we NEED. We need size for certain. However, that size is useless on Stastny. He is a taller, heavier, less productive and less defensive Plekanec who will cost 1.6 million dollars more. He is definitely not any better than the improving and developing Eller who outproduced Stastny in terms of point production, hitting, and blocked shots while playing 2 minutes less on the PP and over 4 minutes less per game. Are you suggesting we bring in a 6.6 million dollar third line center?

If explaining to you in detail why it is ludicrous to bring Stastny to Montreal for free, never mind the assets we would have to give up to get him, is "insulting" or "disrespectful" then I don't know what to say. Sorry if you feel insulted. NOT sorry for clearly detailing why the Habs have absolutely no need for Stastny, even if he is big and from Quebec.
why bother debating 'chacal'? pure Desharnais fan-boy; ready to trade plekanecs and eller in every thread.

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