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05-20-2013, 12:11 AM
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First "outside market" game experience...

Hey guys, i don't normally post that much but lurk quite a bit. Been a fan since I was 7, I am now 33, and never did I think the day would come would I say I LOVE OUR FANS IN LA, more so than ever.

My first experience was awesome win or lose, it's great to see the passion in fans. Ya it sucked we lost in OT, but as a fan of the NHL and mostly the game, I had an awesome time. Met with a lot of kings fan who went up north. Being bombarded with "boo's" and some small talk trash talk, (nothing serious.......yet) I soon came to realize by the end of my second cigarette session outside, that I have officially seen the worst and most CLASSLESS fans I've ever come across. I, like many of you have spoken to many fans across the NHL map, and nothing ever left me with this impression. While I do understand fans can be passionate of the colors they wear, I never knew it would be this bad. From being cussed at to being told raffi Torres made love to our mothers LOL....(use your imagination, it wasnt said in those exact words).

We went to the "old wagon wheel saloon" before the game to have a few beers before making our way to the shark tank, and after the game went back to get some food and some more drinks. But we never made it in. We were denied entrance to the place because of the jerseys we wore. Ya you read correctly, me and my two buddies and another two kings fans who joined us, were all told "if you don't take off your jersey you're not getting in." It we embarrassing and even worse because we were being mocked by sharks faithful standing around us for not being let in. The place next door saw what happened and actually invited us in, which was really cool of the guy at the door. So in conclusion, (I really hope a sharks fan on these boards gets a hold of this) I hated this team, but not the fans, and I although there may be some decent fans out there and we did meet a few last night, in general sharks fans on my **** list. :-)

Sorry for my rant, but I was curious if any of you have had anything like this happen to you. Would love to read some responses.

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