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05-20-2013, 12:56 AM
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Originally Posted by ebox99 View Post
Yes, I understand where ratings have been over the years.
With all due respect, I don't think you have a complete grasp of where ratings are now compared to where they have been historically - specifically where they were prior to the '04 lockout. The NHL is in a golden era as far as national ratings are concerned (especially on cable).

Originally Posted by ebox99 View Post
I'm just saying the 50% growth is due mainly to local boost from big cities still in the playoffs. The growth has not really been from other non playoff cities. Once the team drops out then the ratings drop. So, next year if small market teams are in the playoffs then the ratings will dramatically drop.
Of course big markets help. They do in every sport, and they certainly help sports like hockey and baseball that are very regional in nature.

Originally Posted by ebox99 View Post
Also, 1st round numbers were down compared to last year so it's not as solid as you would like to believe.
Really? Because regular season ratings were up to record levels on cable this year and up 15% on broadcast (NBC), including setting a new NBC record for a regular season game. These are increases on top of record (or near-record) ratings from previous seasons. The NBCSN ratings were the best cable ratings in nearly 20 years for the NHL. Spinning that as "bad" is pretty laughable.

The NHL has had extremely sold ratings for several years now. Over the past few years they have regularly been shattering records, whether it be regular season, playoffs, single-games, or Cup Finals. Simpy put: ratings are fantastic across the board. And they are light years beyond where even the most optimistic NHL supporter could have ever dreamed back in '04 when the game looked as good as dead in the US.

Originally Posted by ebox99 View Post
Most comparisons on this board have been in regards to the NBA and not the NFL cause they are in their own stratosphere.
Since when have NBA and NHL ratings been in the same stratosphere? It's a ridiculous comparison.

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