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05-20-2013, 01:31 AM
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Originally Posted by EngellandHitSomebody View Post
If you think a league (who's product is dependent on people knowing the games aren't fixed) instructs (or allows) officials to favor one team over any other, you are somewhat nuts. If you believe they would do it for economic reasons and favor a team based in ******* Pittsburgh, I don't know what to tell you because you are clearly out to lunch. Regardless of having the "face of the nhl" on their team, it makes no sense for a league to fix games for a team in one of the smallest markets in the league. To say nothing of the fact that the Pens haven't gotten past the 2nd round since 2009, which makes it easily the worst executed conspiracy in history.

I won't deny that Cooke got away with that high-stick, or that the refs have missed some calls on the Pens, but I do know the stripes have missed their fair share on the Senators too. Nobody talks about that, though, because there is no greater past time on hfboards than crying conspiracy every time the Penguins have more pp's than their opposition. For instance, after game 1, how many posts were there complaining about the refs favoring the Sens when they had 5 pp's to Pittsburgh's 3? Including several missed calls as the refs officiated the score. None, zilch, zip. Please, I beg of those certain posters out there who only come out of the woodwork to ***** and moan about every call the Pens get, can we just drop this **** and talk about the hockey game? I'm sick and tired of 50% of gdt's being complaints about the officials.

Good game to the vast majority of Senators fans who don't constantly whine about officiating. Your team held Crosby in check and Anderson was a beast. See you guys for the game tuesday.
I dont think its anything to do with the league fixing games. It's more about the players on your team. Vetran players and skilled players usually get the the calls go their way whether its drawing a penalty or a non-call. Ottawa is made up of more inexperienced players and have less skill than the penguins and a guy like Karlsson has never gotten the benefit of the doubt.

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