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05-20-2013, 01:56 AM
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Originally Posted by EngellandHitSomebody View Post
I know things will be said in the heat of the moment. There are just a few people who can only be found in gdt's when the Pens get a call. I know I post stuff criticizing conspiracy theorists a lot, and that it might get a bit redundant. I just wish the discussion on this board was held to a higher standard. Again, this is a small minority of people, and most don't take them seriously. There was even one post in today's gdt that said Penguins fans shouldn't feel joy when their team wins because of the ref favoritism. It's bad when it gets to the point where people shame you for cheering for a team you grew up with and love from your home city. I realize I probably shouldn't let such posts bother me, but it's just a shame to not be able to just discuss the series with the vast majority of you Sens fans who are passionate and knowledgeable, the crazies always get in the way. (crazy fans of both teams.)
Those comments will happen though.

I agree with whatever someone said above, that I do think refs get preconceptions about players, and then may call certain things differently when it involves that player (ie. like Karlsson). But I don't think its a team thing/conspiracy theory, I think its more a "teach a lesson" to that player type thing. Which is why I would rather a player just suck it up, and take a hit to the face, and keep on driving to the net. If it gets called, sweet. If not, you don't look like you are whining and you don't slow down momentum, and let that missed call fuel your fire.

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