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05-20-2013, 03:32 AM
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Originally Posted by belair View Post
The fact that he brought up Cogliano's return as an RFA who was asking for the moon following a disappointing year as a comparative makes his idea of Hemsky's value unrealistic.

I honestly don't see us eating cap if we move him. He's still a serviceable forward and if we're looking at the trade market, it's likely a player-for-player deal.
Player for player is fine by me as long as it's not a crappy player in return. His cap hit is much harder to swallow since the cap is going down next season.

Originally Posted by KlimasLoveChild View Post
Does anyone else think there should be interest in signing Ben Lovejoy as a UFA. I havn't seen a lot of him but from what I can gather he was playing significant minutes for the Ducks has good size and plays a solid game. I see he was making around the league minimum last year so I'm thinking he can be had for a decent price. Does anyone else have an opinion on this guy?
I recall positive things about him, but I don't recall keying in on him specifically TBH.

Originally Posted by Spawn View Post
So the Oilers wont pay Hemsky $5 million to be a 2nd liner with world class skill. (Matheson's words)

But they will pay Shawn Horcoff $5.5 million to be a 3rd liner with 3rd line skill...

Makes sense . Such a joke that there is not even a sniff of getting rid of Horcoff by any of the media. The guy who has captained the worst team in franchise history.

He makes more than Hemsky does and brings less to the table. He is also under contract for longer. Any other organization in the league would buy Horcoff out and do some actual management work and find an upgrade. Not a chance MacT even considers getting rid of Horcoff though. Zero.

****ing joke
Amen to the bolded. We should be purging both of them. Horcoff needs to be bought out, if we can't use our "get out of jail free" card then I will already call MacT a POS GM. This isn't 2006 anymore MacT, it's time to send Horcoff down the road on his merry way. If we can move both of their contracts that frees up $10.5 million, that's a LOT of coin, and I'm sure that we could get a lot better bang for the buck even by inflated UFA prices.

Originally Posted by Paralyzer008 View Post
You'd actually move a 2.5M cap hit Hemsky for a second round pick just to have the extra 2.5M in cap room?

Like I said, I'm keeping Hemsky, we barely have enough scoring even with our stars because the depth isn't quite there, unless someone gives me a good D in return. He's a UFA, his value is going to suck so he's probably most valuable to us than anyone else.
Yes, yes I would. This is supposed to be a very deep draft, we could either keep that pick, or combine it with our own and trade to the 25-28 slot or possibly even higher than that. Our offense is thin because our bottom 6 has offensive stalwarts like Horcoff, Belanger, Smyth, Petrell, and Brown in it.

Add a legit 3C that isn't getting overpaid by a minimum of $3 million, a guy like Bickell, and another solid bottom 6er or two and a LH PMD and that shouldn't be an issue. Not to mention a healthy RNH and Eberle next year.

Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
I dont think he is tbh (full of ****). I know I wouldnt want Hemsky at all on my team. I certainly wouldnt be giving up a first or second round pick for him, even at half his salary. Would you? Be honest now.
If my team is Phoenix or Nashville? You bet I would, without hesitation. Since my team is the Oilers? **** no.

Originally Posted by Paralyzer008 View Post
2.5M cap hit guy who could put up 50, 60 or even 70 points for a second rounder?

Nashville paid Montreal a 2nd rounder and a 5th rounder for Andrei Kostitsyn for about 30 games and he wasn't as good as Hemsky. If a guy like Hemsky for the year was available for a 2nd rounder at half his salary, I'd make that trade.

It would boost my offense for a low-ish cost.

Remember, we paid a 4th rounder for Smithson and a 4th rounder for Brown...Hemsky for a 2nd is a steal compared to that.
Hemsky at $5 million is not a "steal" unless he's a 60-70 point guy and he won't be that here again because of our personnel. A high 2nd or preferably a low 1st for him would be a very desirable return for us right now IMO. We'd free up more cap space to attract bottom 6 talent and a LH PMD.

Originally Posted by dnicks17 View Post
Yup. I'm serious.

I can't stand him or Horcoff anymore.
Originally Posted by timekeep View Post
Smyth as well.
Unfortunately I could see 2/3 of these guys returning.

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that had the new GM been Nill or someone else with no connections to the team that Horcoff would be bought out and Smyth would be asked to take the high road and retire? To be fair to MacT he hasn't decided to retain them to our knowledge, but I sure and hell wouldn't bet against both being back next season.

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