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Originally Posted by Bring Back Scuderi View Post
I don't understand how you think all of those guys are more apt to handle the physical game...
You don't understand how guys like Broadbent and Gillies are better equipped than Larmer to handle physical defensemen along the boards?! Really? When we use the term "grit" in the ATD, two things are meant: size/power and the willingness to use it. Steve Larmer was a very willing scrapper in the NHL. He was not a particularly powerful one.

So the quotes on Schriner and Larmer don't suffice, but discrepancies in all-star voting show that Jackson had pretty good intangibles? That seems...convenient. Are we going to suggest Jackson wasn't a poor defensive player too because of his all-star record?
I don't see the need for this. As far as I know, neither Schriner nor Jackson was much defensively. In case anyone still has the wrong idea about Schriner's defense:

The 33 year-old Schriner would be shutout in his 8th game but notched 2 goals on Nov 8, 1944 in his 9th match of the season, the game in which he would be injured. Schriner was quoted afterwards: "That's one time the coach can't say I wasn't backchecking." The Toronto Star described the injury; "Schriner says he was cruising in home waters looking for a stray puck when he saw Mush March pounce and start for (goaltender) McCool with dirt in his eye. He swung along with Mush and next thing he knew he was mushed into the steel upright. 'You should see this leg', said he,'It's turned hard like cement.' Sweeney thinks the fibre leg pad he wore saved the limb from a fracture."
Shades of Bill Cowley in that quote, with Schriner sarcastically referring to the fact that he rarely backchecked. I gather that Jackson wasn't much of a backchecker, either. The difference in their intangibles seems to lie in the fact that Jackson was an aggressive, physical player, while Schriner was likely something of a softie.

Are Luce and Boucher really physical?
Both Luce and Boucher were relatively tough, but not overly physical. Quite a bit like Steve Larmer, actually.

I don't see how your lineup is all that physically imposing outside of your second pair.
Hmmm...well, Art Coulter was an extremely physical player, and Ray Bourque, although not a big open-ice hitter, was very powerful in the trenches. This is well known, and I'm not going to waste time trying to "prove" it to you. Bobby Rowe was also an aggressive, physical player and the defensive backbone of the best team in the PCHA. So yes, other than the 5 minutes of ES icetime that Mathieu Schneider will play (against the AC's bottom units), every one of Montreal's defensemen is quite strong along the boards.

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