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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
What bothers me is that I know he'll probably have another great game or two. He'll tease us and then out of nowhere have more stinkers. It's been that way his entire career. He's capable of being one of the best ever. I'll say it right now, he's capable of being Patrick Roy. He has games in the playoffs that make sit there with wonder and just marvel at the greatness that is Henrik Lundqvist. Then he has games and stretches where I really want to cry, not only as a Rangers fan but because I appreciate greatness. He gives us flashes of friggin GOAT play in the playoffs, even more than the regular season quite frankly. Then he's the goat in the other sense. If the guy had those GOAT games and the vast majority of the rest of the time was just regular season Lundqvist he'd be one of the greatest goalies to ever live.

Here's what I mean when I say that he's really inconsistent in his playoff career. I'll exclude his injury riddled rookie playoffs:

2007: We play Buffalo, he's not great in the first 2 games, the next 3 he's stellar. He played one of the greatest games I've ever seen in game 5, but that was the Drury game. Then we come back for game 6. We lose 5-4. Granted there were some bounces and the D sucked, but he was mediocre at best in that game.

2008: Round 1 against the Devils. He allows 1 goal in both of the first 2 games (though he got lucky with like 4 posts in one of those games). He wasn't spectacular, but it wasn't exactly 2 early 00 Devils games either. Then after not allowing more than 2 goals in 10 games against the Devils that season he proceeds to do it in 3 straight games. He's lucky that Brodeur was even worse. Round 2, game 2, he had a great game. We lost 2-0, but the 2nd goal was an empty netter. The first one I believe was Jordan Staal by himself in front of the net and he could do nothing about it. Then game 3, Lundqvist ***** the bed. Allows 5 goals I believe (or 4 and an empty netter, I think it was 5), we even came back to tie after being down 3-1.

2009: He had a shutout in game 2 against the Caps. Came back and gave up 5 goals I believe in game 3. Had one of the best games of his career in game 4, came back and just totally **** the bed in game 5, including giving up the first goal of the game that was one of the worst of his career. Wasn't much better in game 6.

2011: This was a blur and there were only 5 games, I think he might have not had any terrible games, or disappointing performances.

2012: After registering his 2nd shutout in 3 games against the Devils, he had 2 brutal games (especially game 5) in a row.

2013: Registers 2 straight shutouts in games 6 and 7. ***** the bed to start the Bruins series. Including a 5 goal against game that he hasn't had in 2 seasons.

It's a trend unfortunately that he's followed his entire career. Only year that it possibly didn't happen (and it might have I really have a foggy recollection of that series) was a 5 game sample size.
Weren't there quite a few games where Lundqvists STATS (b/c that's what you're giving us here) were bad but his play was good. games where we got shutout 4-0 (I think it happenned twice in one series). games where we only score a single goal even going into OT. Double OT. The GA isn't enough to provide an accurate analysis.

For instance watching game 1 the other day that was a worse game for him than several games where he gave up 3 or more in the PO's. I'd argue this game 1 game was one of his worst because it single handedly cost us a split on the road and possibly this series. Game 1 was much worse and much more backbreaking as John said than Game 2 in terms of Lundqvist's performance.

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