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05-20-2013, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Chacal667 View Post
I think it worth the risk, it's only one year of contract, if you look at what it took to the penguins to get Hossa or when the devils got Kovalchuk, I don't think Stastny will be that expensive, his 3 first seasons were impressive and maybe a change of scenary could be benefic for him, he's not that old and we don't have to resign him if it doesn't work.

It always depend of the price but I think the habs should take the risk if they can get him for a reasonnable price.

our line up could look like this :

Bourque Plekanec Gallagher (Gionta)
Paccioretty Stastny DD
Galchenyuk Eller Gionta (Gallagher)

But you can always put Stastny at the wing, I think if a player is intelligent enough to play center he certainly can play at the wing.

I think that Stastny is definitly better than Eller, he got a bad season but if you look at his rookie year and the 2 seasons after, Eller is far from that level, Stastny have a better vision and he's a better passer, you can't denied it.
Ok, Chacal, no insults, just facts. Do you know why Stastny did so much better in terms of points his first season when compared to Eller?

Stastny was the 2nd line center behind Sakic. He played over 18 minutes per game with 3:38 of PPTOI PER GAME. What did Eller get his rookie season? He played 3rd line center and definitely did not have a Sakic calibre center to help him. He also was given a whopping 11:08 minutes per game, with a huge :17 seconds of PPTOI. There are many reasons why Stastny had better point production stats his first three seasons than Eller. However, Stastny has never been a physical player. He is big and soft. Eller is already turning into a physical specimen while getting better at producing points while still getting no significant PP time. We do not need another soft top 6 player, we need a physical top 6 player to complement the soft guys we already have.

Looking at Eller, we see a player trending upwards EVERY SINGLE SEASON. Looking at Stastny we see a player who has declined for 3 consecutive seasons. Eller is far more physical and already is out producing Sastny with less TOI and less PPTOI. Eller is paid a TON less than Stastny. There is nothing Stastny brings to our top 6 that we do not already have. He is a decent player, and with the right power forwards can still be effective, but not on our team because we NEED to get big physical guys into our top 6 to help the softer guys we already have. Guess what Eller is? A big, physical guy who can already out produce Stastny for a lot less money.

Can you understand why getting Sastny is unnecessary and a waste of assets and cap space, now? Please?

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