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05-20-2013, 09:48 AM
krazy kanuck
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I'm not going to accuse the Knights of foul play because I have no evidence of same. While I only have circumstantial evidence that there is any reverse bias against the Colts, it does seem pretty compelling:

- Colts have bid for the Memorial Cup 5 times since our Captain's transgression, 0 Memorial Cups have been awarded.
- Colts had 6 opportunities to win trophies this year (games 5, 6, 7 of the Eastern Conference for the Bobby Orr trophy and games 5, 6, 7 of the final). Branch was not in the building for any of games to present the trophy to the Colts, with the exception of game 7 of the final (which also had the opportunity for the Knights to win).
- Colts had a total of 21 suspension games this playoff, more than all other teams combined. That could be because they were dirtier, but we saw many hits against Colts that were just as bad go unpunished (Subban, Subban and Anderson come to mind).
- While Horvat was worthy, the MVP is a trophy for the entire playoffs. How about the guy who was POTW for half the weeks in the playoffs, including the last two in the final, and had 25% more points than anyone in the playoffs? It's not like MS19 didn't show up in the final either, having two 5 point games and scoring just as many big goals as Horvat. The only reason that spread wasn't bigger was because of the aforementioned hit... I realize writers vote but...

PS: Sitting next to some nice folks from London at the Mem Cup. Bought them a pint, all is well, no sour grapes with the fanbase there. I may even cheer for the Knights in the odd game or two in Saskatoon. Having said that, my belief in the integrity of some of these processes is waning.

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