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Originally Posted by Cake or Death View Post
With all due respect, Mike Richter isn't on the same level as Lundqvist. Richter was very athletic and dynamic, and did make some amazing saves. But he also let in a lot of bad goals, had some very mediocre seasons, never sniffed a Vezina, and won a Cup with a team with five 1000 point scorers, two hall of famers, and Leetch and Zubov running his PP. Lundqvist has never had a NYR team remotely like that anywhere near him (unless he did it in EA Sports).

Lundqvist is the best in the world and a hall of fame caliber goalie. What he does with consistency season after season, Richter did not do, despite having much, much better teams in front of him. The only season I saw from a NYR goalie that rivals Lundqvist's season after season norm was VBK in 85-86. VBK led the league in wins that season, was 31-21-5, won the Vezina and carried an under .500 club to the third round. Other than that amazing season, Lundqvist's typical season in, season out level of play hasn't been seen by this franchise since Ed Giacomin. Just my observation.

I've been watching the team 40 years and I don't have Richter ahead of VBK, let alone putting him in the equation with Lundqvist. On that note, the last extremely in-depth History of Hockey goalie top 40 poll already has Lundqvist in the all-time top 40 and ahead of Richter. And Lundqvist is still active and in his prime. When all is said and done, it is not unrealistic he will retire with 450 wins, and may eclipse 500, and a fairly certain entry to the hall of fame.
Richter had Roy, Brodeur, and Hasek during his generation, so hes handicapped right off the bat, I think.

No taking away from what he did in 94-97. He was certainly amongst the best big-game goaltenders during that time. What he did in the 96 world cup was beyond amazing.

But as you said, those great moments with Richter were fleeting, and came with all-time great positional players in front of him.

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