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Originally Posted by leafspring View Post
I'm really comfortable with not trying to build a contender quickly. The costs of which for the expierenced fans are known to be a vicious cycle having to trade constantly because the talent pipeline has been depleted to much.

The Marlies to the contrary have been a riches in times of injury or when a player was in line for a call-up for the hard work they put in developing. The direction and process has been very successful.

This squad has been built to compete against the bruins as many teams in the east have been. The Bruins to their credit have been the target of every team in the east but continue winning.

I think the bruins are looking at their roster and seeing that they will make some changes if possible because certain teams have caught them to a large degree.Still though they have a core group that is young and talented.

We basically took the benchmark team in the east to a 7th game overtime.There is nothing to be ashamed of or complain about there. The bruins single handedly brought the enforcer back from the brink of death lol, yet they seemed to avoid that while playing a team tough leaf squad.

We need to wash and polish and maybe we will be just fine.
Unfortunately our Leafs are directly responsible for building Bruins young future core that we're now chasing. They have a key future component in net, on defense and on forward all a result of previous Leaf GM impatience.

Lets hope that times have changed no more "draft schmaft" and Nonis decides to keep his picks and use drafting and developing internally to fuel his rebuild methodology to making the Leafs into a contender.

With Dallas Eakins doing an excellent job of providing future talent this is certainly now a more viable option available to the GM to use as building block approach.

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