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05-20-2013, 10:20 AM
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Do you think he has enough offensive skills to play in a top-6 ? He seemed to have good hands at the U18 and good skating for a big guy. But if we draft him, I hope he isn't a second Tyler Biggs.
Tyler Biggs, to me is a top 9 guy. You don't want that for a 1st rounder, but you could always do worse.

Tom Wilson appears to be a top 9 guy, too and he was drafted 7ish spots ahead of Biggs.

If McCarron does become a physical, somewhat angry guy playing top 9 minutes with the ability to move up I'd be fine with that. Is there a possibility we miss a top 6 player who's on the smaller side ? Yes. Do we not have those with potential/ somewhat proven in Collberg, Kristo, Gallagher ? On our left side, as of right now we have Pacioretty and Bourque.

Bourque, let's say he gets dealt so we have 1 spot open. Chances (and let's hope) they'll be playing with Galchenyuk (tremendous skill), or Plekanec (great vision/play maker). Both those players have/will have the ability to make players around them better.

With that said, a guy like McCarron I'd like to get at 34th, but that could be risky to pick him. 25th might be too early. So, we're gonna have to get lucky, or take a chance,