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Originally Posted by likewall32 View Post
Quite sorry your first road experience was a bad one, especially in my city and arena, but having been to a lot of road Sharks games, it sounds like you didn't really get anything out of the ordinary. It having been your first road game, its understandable to not have expected the chorus of boos and the constant razzing, but that stuff will happen in almost any building. I personally don't boo or say anything to visiting fans unless they decide to incite by saying or doing something stupid in the stands. Its sports, and most people take it too seriously, regardless of city, state, country, or sport. Everybody has their dummies.

I've had the opportunity to travel to many Sharks games on the road, and by far, playoff games, regardless of opponent, are the worst. The people who come out don't care as much about the game, and really just want to be seen and also get completely smashed. I've been shoved and had beer and peanuts thrown at me in Nashville, had my jersey tugged at in Detroit, and was cussed at while walking with my 6 year old cousin (wearing an Avalanche jersey) in Colorado. During a regular season in LA once, I was followed for about 2 blocks back to my hotel by a car full of Kings fans and had to turn into a corner store just to shake them so that I could go back to my room in peace. Also had three guys in Pittsburgh chirping at me for an entire game with homosexual slurs of all kinds just because I was wearing a Giants cap.Point is, there are idiots everywhere.

As for not being let into the Old Wagon, it sucks, but living here and experiencing that bar and many others late on a Saturday, it makes perfect sense. You were razzed by people who had maybe a couple drinks in them at HP during the game, and nary a night in Downtown SJ happens without a handful of fights inside and around the bar areas when people have been going hard at the bottle or keg for several hours. It sounds like it wasn't communicated very well to you, but by not letting you in unless you removed your jersey, they thought they were doing both you a favor (by thinking that their clientele wouldn't be smart enough to not do something stupid to you) and doing themselves a favor as well (by thinking that they would have to break up a fight after their clientele did something stupid to you and you rightfully wouldn't stand for it). Fights happen down there all the time, throw in sports, and its just extra fuel to the fire.

Again, sorry that your initial road experience was not a good one, especially since it came in the city and building that I call home. As a fan of fans, I still suggest you go to as many road buildings as you can and cheer your team on, as it really is a lot of fun. I bet if you came back to San Jose in the future, you'd find your experience a bit better, as luckily there are less idiots than there are reasonable fans. If not, wait til we suck again, all the *******s are generally bandwagoners, and you'll be left alone completely.

Although I appreciate your willingness to respond, I think its horse-ish to deny entry into a bar, unless you take your rival jersey off. Theres no legit excuse for that. Im sure the guy is a big boy & can defend himself. Its downright stupid, is what it is. San Jose sounds like a jealous, petty lil brother imo.
Btw if theyd tried to deny me entry for wearing my Kings jersey...we wouldve had problems!


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