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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
To be fair though, there wasn't really a time each player was firing at all cylinders. It was one or the other with these two. When Forsberg was downgraded, or injured like in 2001, Sakic found a way to win Cups. When it was the opposite Forsberg didn't do this. He was wonderful in 2002 but was held pointless in what would have been a clinching game in either Game 6 or 7 against Detroit. Yeah I know Sakic didn't register a point either but Forsberg doesn't have that one playoff where Sakic was injured and unavailable and still ended up winning the Cup. Sakic does.

It doesn't put a huge gap between the two during their time together but to me that is the difference, plus Sakic was more capable of goal scoring than Forsberg.
Sakic found a way to win Cups? 1996, sure, but if Patrick Roy had played as well against Dallas in 1999 (.905) and Detroit in 2002 (.900) as he did against St. Louis and New Jersey in 2001 (.939, .938), are we really having this conversation? You're giving Sakic credit because a different teammate pulled a rabbit out of a hat when Forsberg was gone. The Stanley Cup shouldn't be a "difference" at all.

Sakic stepped up big when Forsberg was playing concussed in 1997 or out with his spleen surgery in 2001, but so did the supporting cast of Lemieux, Kamensky, Hejduk, Drury, and Roy. But how many people stepped up in 1999 and 2002? Greg de Vries? It was obvious that Sakic and Fleury were AWOL in 1999 after the San Jose series, and we're talking about a team that had three of the top-six scorers in the world but was only being supported by one. Hejduk had 23 points in the 2001 playoffs but only 6 points in the 2002 playoffs.

You mention that Forsberg didn't get it done in Game 6 or Game 7 against Detroit, but maybe you forgot that he scored the GWG in both Game 6 (2-1 OT) and Game 7 (1-0) in the series before that. If we're going to point our fingers at anyone for the Avalanche failing in three WCF Game 7s in four years, Forsberg is the last player to start with.

Originally Posted by EngellandHitSomebody View Post
Phil, don't try to tell a Forsberg fan that he wasn't a great goal scorer. I remember a thread where someone described Crosby as Forsberg with better goal scoring ability. The Forsberg fanboys flamed said individual even though all evidence points to Crosby being a superior goal scorer. (hasn't played a full season without scoring 30+ goals compared to Forsberg's career high being 30 goals.)
And yet Forsberg scored at a rate of 36 goals per 82 games in the playoffs during his run in Colorado (55 goals in 127 games). Let's stop pretending that he wasn't a consistently great goal scorer just because he missed 10+ games every regular season and didn't hit some arbitrary totals. Sidney Crosby IS Peter Forsberg with more goals. But it's not exactly a crime to be worse at something than Sidney Crosby, now, is it?

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