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05-20-2013, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
1.) I think the "tight checking" argument is a weak one considering the playoffs consist of better teams than the regular season. Thats a bit of a wash if you ask me.

2.) I cant have an intelligent conversation with you about Lundqvist's playoff performance when you simply keep making up statistics.
1) I don't think it's a wash. There are not that many great offensive teams in the league anymore honestly. Plus a good defense always beats a good offense (provided we're not talking about the Pens, and even then look at last night). In the NHL teams are talented enough that if you play super loose defense like we did much of the regular season they'l make you pay, even if they're the worst team in the league.

2) I'm not making up statistics. Look at the Caps series. He had 3 games where he allowed 3 goals or more in 4 games to start the Caps series. The only time he did that this year in the regular season this year is the first 3 games of the season when it was the lockout coming off an offseason with no preseason. Then he had 4 amazing games that made his stats look great. That's a dangerous game with any team, much less a not so great offensive team like the Rangers. Ovechkin scores into the empty net in game 6, then they get a bounce off a skate in OT and the Caps win in 6 games, even though Lundqvist wouldn't play any worse in game 6 than he did.

My ratings weren't a stat, but I'm glad to see you misunderstood it. It was just something to help illustrate the point more easily. I would have probably been better off saying that if he shuts a team out one game and allows 3 the next, he'd have a 1.50 GAA like if he allowed 1 one game and 2 the next. Except the latter gives you a better chance to win both games when your team is not an offensive powerhouse. But I wonder if you'd say I was making up stats there too.

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