Thread: Post-Game Talk: Wings humiliate the Hawks 4-1
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05-20-2013, 12:00 PM
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IF I told ypu before the playoffs that Kruger and Shaw were at +3 each after 7GP and Stalberg at +2. in 6 would take that and not worry how many poinys they had..If I told you thay Kane was only +2 but with only 2 goals and Toews was a big fat ZERO in +/- with ZERO gosls and only 3 assists...that Hossa was only +1 and that Seabrrok and Leddy were MINUS 2 amd MINUS 4 respectively...well,I do not think your criticism would be on Stalberg,Kruger, or Shaw as a reason to fear not advancing past DET...that our vaunted line #1 is a combined ZERO in i +/- after 7GP. ..thay our 2nd pairing D are a combined -6...that Kane no longer looks like his on a mission days earlier in the season when he could single handedly be a dominant difference-maker...or Toews no longer leading by PRODCING offense by example on the ice but NOW only whining after games about how he is beong physically abused by hooking and body slams...or Seabrrpk looking like he is carrying 20 extra pounds that prevent hom from skating fast enough to stop anyone or to bail out Leddy who has regressed from the exalted how much of a pay raise will he demand to who cares...could be traded for cap reasons...point is LOTS more culprits tham picking on Stalberg Shaw or Kruger for our "concerns" about our inability tp get playoff level compete intensity and "A" game offense or defense in ES play..ONLY our PK game is at "A" level..PP remaons at "D" level,but we expect that..what we do not expect os that our ES play is at a "C" level because 2/3 of our top line have stunk, because our 2nd D pair has stunk and because KANE is no longer on a missipn to prove himself but back to self-satisfaction that getting one goal or point is enough work for the night, that ordinary suffices to replace special and good enough just..will keep one out of Q's doghouse whole Q instead misfocused on making an example of Stalberg when the REAL supposed leaders by their star specialness have instead flamed out...7 games in...ot is about time some guys play up to their vaunted abilities and reputations...else we shallbe golfing very soon.

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