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05-20-2013, 12:09 PM
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I find myself apologizing to road fans as well. The "Hey Sharks fans, YOU SUCK" thing is getting way way out of hand. It was a little funny I guess for awhile but it is every game now and it isn't just words.

Too many (probably drunk) Kings fans are getting in the faces of the opposition fans with the chants. I have seen several times this playoffs some idiot Kings fan will actually impede the opposition fans from even walking and will point their fingers right in their face telling them they suck. I haven't seen any physical response...but I know I wouldn't respond too well to someone stopping me and getting their finger within 6 inches of my face.

I am in the same section every game and go smoke in the same spot. It is the same couple of *******s doing it every game, and the whole "policing our own fans" doesn't seem to be working. I have seen Kings fans trying to get people to pipe down, but the offenders just get more aggressive.

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