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Originally Posted by ganave View Post
I find being a goalie very rewarding, but it is very expensive to start even if you buy almost everything used.

Goalie Pants
Goalie Jock
Throat guard
Dangler for helmet
Knee Guards
Chest and Arm Protector
Leg Pads

You might be able to put together a decent set of used gear for about $1K USD

You'll also need to be on the ice at least 2 to 3 times a week and not be afraid of the puck or getting the absolute crap kicked out of you. In a game last night I was making scrambling saves on my belly with 4 or 5 players within stick length of me are doing all they can to push the puck loose before a whistle is blown. Most of the goalies protection is towards the front. I got clobbered in my calves, thighs, armpits, etc.

I'd say get a pair of ice skates and take a learn to skate class. If you can get a cheap pair of player elbow pads, pants and kneepads that will keep you from getting hurt while you push your skating to improve.

Good luck!
I guess it depends on where you are... But I just started playing in goal, and was closer to $600, all said and done AND when you look at the savings in league/pickup fees its even cheaper.

I got chest/arms, mask, glove, blocker, stick and pants for $220
I got leg pads for $75
Skates for $40
Cup for $50 on special @ goalie monkey.
Dangler for $30 new...
Then there is always a ton of random stuff, like bag, clothing, the gas to run around the county picking the stuff up... But that is less then $400 excluding the misc stuff.

Point is, used gear aint so bad... Plus you WILL make up the cost difference in discounted fees, or you will quit and have gear worth about as much as you paid to sell.
Another example :

Its really pretty doable.

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