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05-20-2013, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post

Gus is not a question mark.

Gagne is not either. We all know what he is at this point in his career.

McGinn/Akeson is a toss up. Neither need to be on the team realistically. If either makes it, then awesome. McGinn is certainly NHL-ready, and Akeson gets as much hate around here as Gus does. It's pretty ********. I'm not saying Akeson should be penciled into the lineup, but you have to be an absolute moron to believe he's not going to get a look.

On top of that, we'll be looking for forwards in the offseason. There might be a few buyouts or other top 9 options. Laughton is another possibility.

Mason is not ideal, but he's as good as Bryzgalov at this point. We're getting crappy goaltending anyway, so I'd rather stick with the option that has the potential to be better than expected. That's Mason.

Meszaros' health is a question mark. You got me on that one.

So yeah, I'm a homer for thinking through things instead of accepting things as fact. Awesome. Next time I urge you to apply some critical thinking.

And Coburn was not nearly as bad as people claim. The snowballing of this rumor is absurd.
Gus played well this year and has shown flashes but I am not ready to pencil him in as top 4 defender on a contender.

Yeah we do know what Gagne is, an injury waiting to happen.

So you say we will have crappy goaltending, which happens to be a pretty important position in hockey, but then say we have a stacked roster.

Without those concerns, you are counting on Schenn and Couturier to take a big step, definitely possible but not a given.

I think this organization has some serious talent, but if this roster is stacked, then I don't know what you would call some of the other rosters in this league.

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