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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post

Well written article there by San Filippo (I've missed his regular articles since he left DelCo since he's one of the few writers that really thinks things through critically).
You sure San Filippo and not Bryz wrote this to make Panotch look bad...

Yeah he definitely skewers Panotch's reporting skills with this rebuttal. It was cogently written although San Filippo failed to mention the pick we traded for Eminger when mentioning how the Flyers didn't have a chance at Carlson. Although he did mention how Holmgren trading picks away like tic tacs certainly hurt...

If there is a an area where in recent years the Flyers drafts have come up empty it’s not having picks – not misusing them.

“Inevitably that’s going to catch up,” Pryor said. “The temperature here is to win and do whatever it takes to win. You have to take a gamble sometimes. Those picks are assets for a reason.”

But, after the Pronger trade, the Flyers have made a concerted effort to hang onto their draft picks. They had seven picks last year for the first time since 2007. They are only missing one pick this year and have a full compliment next year.

“[General Manager] Paul [Holmgren] has done a good job of holding on to our picks the last few years,” Pryor said. “The way the game is now you need to have young players and to do that you have to draft young players and to do that you have to have picks.

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