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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
a) Plenty of great players raise(d) their game in the playoffs. Lundqvist is a potential HOFer and the best post-lockout goalie, I don't know why it's unfair.

b) He could play on the same level in the playoffs and before you give me stats, I don't mean have half the games be amazing and half be awful. The same level means great but not as amazing as those games consistently. However, the fact that he's shown he can raise his game from the regular season in some games, even under adverse situations (back to back game, in a game 7 against the Caps), it shouldn't be too much to ask of him to have those games, but most of the rest of the time be regular season Lundqvist. He's shown he can do it. Why does he have to "crash" into mediocrity when he' not having those amazing games?
You hit it on the head SB. Stats don't tell the story because there is an inconsitency in his game. Even during the regular season he has some very medicore stretches. ( first 25 games this year were medicore).

He has given up 8 goals and had the B's have hit iron six times in two games (beat 14 times). He could very easily pitch back to back shutouts again in this series, but he still got beat 14 times in two games. That can't happen.

what's great is he almost always comes out of it and goes back to being "Hank". In a seven game series the damage might already be done though.

BTW, as we talk about stats and which players "raise" their game in the playoffs, I wonder how many people know that Derek jeter is a better regular season hitter than post season hitter. You'd think he hits about .500 in post season the way he is revered by the media.

Perception is not always reality

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