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Originally Posted by wolf13 View Post
I bet if you looked at US college sports you would probably find that say a disproportionate number of football players from say California end up playing football in the Big10 or that a disproportionate numbers amount of high end basketball players end up playing in the state of North Carolina. Certain schools create pipelines to certain states based on the success of a few recruits from those states.

Schools like UNC, Duke, Kentucky, and Kansas have a history of winning that attracts players. Look at the university of Gonzaga and look how they recruit. Its because they have been able to win and really nothing more. They aren't a prestigious academic school, they aren't located in and ideal area. They win and because of that recruits want to play for them.

In the last 19 years only Alberta from Canada West has won a university cup and one other school (Saskatchewan) has made a championship game. That effects the perception of players as to whether anyone in Canada West outside of Alberta has a chance to win.

An Ontario school hasn't won the University Cup in the last 11 seasons.

McGilll, UQTR, and Concordia along with Moncton have a stranglehold on Quebec players for obvious reasons.

The AUS has had half its teams reach a national final in the last 10 years.
All really great points. Agree with every one of them. But in the case of the AUS did the egg come first or did the chicken when it comes to hockey funding?

So the question that is raised is why and how did the AUS become what it has? Those first players to make the conference so good came because of academics, great recruiting, and ________ (fill in the blank)

The condescension shown towards our OUA and CW posters from some of the AUS posters should really stop. They aren't stupid and I don't think it is right that if one of them talks about the big pink elephant in the room that they will be ignored for it. Speak up and say what you want. If you don't like what they are saying, say so or ignore it.

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