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Originally Posted by SnowblindNYR View Post
Why am I "embarrassing" myself? You don't think that with his regular season success, if Hank played like he did in the regular season (elite level) with a lot more regularity but also had the types of HOF games that he's had in the playoffs over the years, you don't think he'd be considered in that league? Real difference is that Roy is a playoff ace, while Lundqvist lowers his play in the playoffs. If what I said happened in the playoffs (maybe not EVERY year, even Roy wasn't GREAT every year), he'd be one of the greats. He's shown that he can have AMAZING games in the playoffs. He's shown that he can have consistently elite play in the regular season. If he somehow put the 2 together he'd be great. The AMAZING games don't need to come at a ridiculous rhate. Just, if he was in regular season Lundqvist form more often in the playoffs he'd be one of the best ever. Seems like, instead of considering my scenario you think with your emotions and don't want Roy's name to be tarnished.
Sotrry! I didn't mean to sound condescending and it's nothing to d wth tarnishing Roy's name or legacy. Hnk will probably end up with top 5-8 numbers when all is said and done but he will ultimately be judged by winning a Stanley Cup or two.
It really is a shame that we're stuck with an owner who doesn't give a flying **** about the hockey team and flaunts it by hiring an out of touch, senile old fool as "GM For Life" 13 years ago who is still trying for like the 3rd or 4th time to construct a team around a franchise goalie who has just completed his 8th season as a Ranger and has yet to win anything to date because of said GM who hasn't accomplished **** since 1990!

That's the real story here; not whether or not Hank will ever be lumped in with the Roys, Brodeurs or Haseks of the hockey world.

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