Thread: Speculation: Buffalo Trading up in the Draft
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05-20-2013, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by DYaeger89 View Post
Not necessarily just Miller and Vanek.

Also, a team like Florida is absolutely loaded with young talent. There's no way all of those young-potential guys make the same roster. They'll need some veteran depth somewhere. Which is why I think 1-8,vanek for 1-2 as a base makes sense.

Florida's been picking high the last few years, were in the playoffs in 2012, and will soon be in ufa-to-augment-the-homegrown-talent phase. In Florida's shoes, acquiring an underrated scoring winger all-star at the cost of moving down 6 choices in a deep draft (at base, we'd be adding most likely to that) makes sense. Another season like 2013 for JHub, with Vanek added, I think they compete for a 3-spot upon the division.

Buffalo, on the other hand, should be looking for the young talent to build their core/identity, as that's currently in progress. We're probably a 1-2 atleast from the add-the-over-the-top-ufas phase, so in the meantime, we're in a position to swing for the fences, why not do it?

(Sorry, life-long Bills/Sabres fan, the idea of being patient comes hard)
Pretend you are Dale Tallon. You have one of the best stables of prospects among any NHL teams. You're near the start of the building curve, having just had a disasterous season of injury to key personnel. You have a very good prospect big center in Nick Bjugstad turning pro, but your long-time Mr. Everything Stephen Weiss looks like the best of a bad lot of UFA's this summer and seems destined for other employment. You have a fine scoring LW in rookie Huberdeau. What you need is ANOTHER stud center, and having one with a complete 200' game who is also an excellent skater would be ideal to either center Huberdeau or to build another line around. You already have more Cup rings in your room than most o f the teams struggling at this end of the draft -- Campbell, Versteeg, Kopecky -- and no issue finding vets in free agency to fill out roster positions.

What do you need more? 7 years at minimum of the stud center or 1 year of a scoring line winger? It isn't vet presence you need. It's health and someone else to play down the middle with Weiss leaving.

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