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05-20-2013, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Roof Daddy View Post
Petry is a RHD too. Yes, not in the same calibre as Girardi, but I don't see why he wouldn't play in your top 4. His only problem is he is Jekyll and Hyde from one night to the next. Under softies like Renney and Kreuger he hasn't found the consistency, under a hard ass like Torts this may happen. But that's really the only risk attached to him is the learning curve. In terms of skillset I think he is considerably ahead of Girardi, but Girardi has more poise, thinks the game better and has the heart of a lion, as well as more experience to draw upon.
We already have a player like that in Anton Stralman. The problem is trading Girardi for another Stalman is counter-productive to making the team better now as opposed to in the long run by gambling on a 2nd round pick.

Again, I understand any team making a deal wants to be getting the best player, hence your Girardi + for Hall counter, but there is zero incentive for us there. In my proposal however I feel there is some incentive (just not sure it's enough), in that
It's not about getting the best player, it's about giving up a prime asset in return for a prime asset.

A) You gain some cap flexibility - 1.5 mil roughly. Could help in an off-season where you need to re-sign Stepan, McDonagh and Hagelin. I realize this could still be achieved without the proposed deal, but you may be limited with additional tweaking beyond that.

B) Petry still falls under the "potential" tag. He has the skillset to be better than Girardi but lacks the discipline/consistency/intangibles. It's a big maybe, but maybe the Rangers end up with the best player 3-4 years from now.

C) You get controlled years. He is RFA next year vs Girardi being UFA.

D) You get a pretty good draft pick in a strong draft year when you currently have no pick in the first two rounds (or do you guys even have a 3rd rder???).
A) We'll have cap flexibility when we buyout Richards.

B) We can't afford to wait 3-4 years to have the best player. We need good players right now, especially if we're trading one like Girardi.

C) We have another year to figure out Girardi's UFA contract or deal him if necessary.

D) We have two 3rd rounders. Possibly a 3rd from Columbus if we fail to make the SCF. If we want to move up into the 2nd, we can package a couple of those picks, or deal a spare roster forward.

Again, this all boils down to not giving up Girardi for a downgrade. Could we win the deal in 3-4 years? Sure, but we're a now team as long as Lundqvist is in net.

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