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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
Sotrry! I didn't mean to sound condescending and it's nothing to d wth tarnishing Roy's name or legacy. Hnk will probably end up with top 5-8 numbers when all is said and done but he will ultimately be judged by winning a Stanley Cup or two.
It really is a shame that we're stuck with an owner who doesn't give a flying **** about the hockey team and flaunts it by hiring an out of touch, senile old fool as "GM For Life" 13 years ago who is still trying for like the 3rd or 4th time to construct a team around a franchise goalie who has just completed his 8th season as a Ranger and has yet to win anything to date because of said GM who hasn't accomplished **** since 1990!

That's the real story here; not whether or not Hank will ever be lumped in with the Roys, Brodeurs or Haseks of the hockey world.
I think if Lundqvist upped his level in the playoffs instead of regressed we could have won last year due to the competition (though the Kings were tough but I don't think they're THAT talented) and even would have a shot this year. I don't think that the roster is THAT bad. I think it's good enough that a HOFer can win it with them. Roy won twice with 2 teams that left something to be desired. Hasek brought the Sabres kicking and screaming into the Finals and won 2 games in the finals against a great Stars team. I guess HOF and GOAT worthy like those 2 is two different things. I feel like Hank has the ability, but not the mental makeup. I always thought his mental makeup sucked. In previous years he was prone to having games where he'd lose focus and wouldn't be able to stop a beach ball all of a sudden and every shot would go in (way worse than yesterday). He would also go on long stretches of abysmal play. Though, it's hard to tell if he's over that, as recent as last year he was awful in March, early April.

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