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05-20-2013, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by p.l.f. View Post
I could call you a complete moron, but hey it's not worth it.

I'm not the only one in here thinking buyout for Grabo. It's becoming quite a popular idea in fact.
Its a popular idea because some people assume because MSLE have a lot of money $13 million means nothing to them. We had that going on here in Edmonton because people here felt Darrel Katz should pay for more of the new arena. "He's rich of course he will pay" Wrong. Until sports journalists or people connected with the business start saying clubs will eat that kind of money, its just an HF fantasy. Plus how many times in the last 20 years have players in a long term deal been dropped after one bad year? We have seen enough with the Leafs to know they don't act that quickly. Sell low, buy high makes GMs unemployed.

Consider the value difference in the club trading Grabo but retaining half the salary and cap hit. Paying $2.75 for the player he was prior to last season for the next 4 years would make him an attractive asset to any club not owned by Interactif I think that would bring them back a very solid asset from clubs who don't have a ton of cap space to upgrade but have an opening for a second line center. They just need to defer some salary from the new FA signings to 2014-2015 when Army and Tucker are off the books. That is the daring fix.

The cheaper solution is to let Bozak walk and play Grabo first line till he produces again. Then, unless he he absolutely shoots the lights out you deal him once he has some value back, the return is unimportant so long at they take the full salary, and then sign his replcement from the 2014 UFAs (Thornton, Marlowe, Stastny, Sedin, Cammalleri, Bergeron, Pavelski). If MG manages to suck the bag, even playing beside Kessel (which I can't see), you can still compliance him next summer. No incentive not to consider this option at all unless you think Bozak is generational talent who they can't afford to lose.

Whatever they choose, they are playing with real money, and clubs have shareholders to satisfy before they worry about fans. I don't think the owners or Nonis have the appetite for risk that Burke had, and I don't see a desperate and immediate need for cap space that would force them to throw away millions for no return.

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