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Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post
Richter won the Stanley Cup and he was a huge piece of it. Had Leetch not had a historic playoff run, Richter was a solid candidate for the Conn Smythe along with Messier.

But a team wins the Stanley Cup. The 93-94 Rangers team is far superior to any team the Rangers have iced post lock out. Despite their record, the Rangers in 93-94 were MUCH better than the Rangers of 11-12. The Rangers of 93-94 were a top team in the NHL because they had quality offense (Messier, Graves, Kovalev), elite scoring defense man (Leetch, Zubov), top tier shut down defense men (Beukeboom), and a top goaltender (Richter).

The reason the Rangers of 11-12 were a top team was because of defensive system anchored by an excellent top pair (Girardi and McDonagh both exceeded expectations that season) and an elite goaltender (Lundqvist). Their team was too shallow offensively. Gaborik was the catalyst, outside of him, everyone missed expectations.

TODAY, the Rangers don't have one defense man who was as complete as Brian Leetch, they don't have one defense man who was as gifted as Leetch or Zubov, they don't have one forward who was at Messier's level in 93-94, and they're missing players who were historically big playoff performers (Messier and Leetch).

If you took a prime Leetch and a leader like Messier who still had plenty left in the tank like Messier, the Rangers would win a Cup with Lundqvist, regardless of Lundqvist having a bad game.

The problem is, when Lundqvist stands on his head, his team can't generate the offense for him. When Lundqvist is underwhelming, the team plays a hard game. They're rarely on the same page. And for every bad game Lundqvist plays, the defensive core and offensive core play five.

Nash, Callahan, McDonagh and co. aren't Messier, Leetch, Zubov and co. People need to realize that.
Lundqvist has now played 9 games in this year's playoffs and has allowed 3 or more goals in regulation in almost half of them (4 times). This is not 93-94. Only a select few teams can score 4 goals consistently in the playoffs.

Hell we did it 3 times! We did it ONCE in 20 games last year. Stop the woe is Lundqvist his team is the worst in NHL history.

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