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05-20-2013, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Crymson View Post
Babcock roundly outcoached Q in game two. Why is it that people only make these threads to complain, and rarely post in them when things go well?
Ok I'll answer. First off maybe I called for headrolling a little bit early (ie not the playoffs). But this season isn't done yet and the biggest question to me is what happens in this series we are in now. I did believe we where built to beat anaheim. Didn't think it would be a easy series but I believe we had their number.

But now we finally have a series to put the question to the task. On paper we are a inferior team. Now granted, paper means jack **** to anything actually happening in real time. But to me this is the "real test". Granted I have also been open in my believe we take down this series (wings in 7) after tonight and thursday possibly wings in 6.

I will also say it was really frustrating watching lineup decisons made by babs in the "long preseason". But please note I am a fan and not a coach/management/player so their could be quite a bit I don't see that would change my opinion on quite a bit if I where privy to it.

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