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Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post
I vehemently disagree. And I'm not quite sure what hockey you're watching. Lundqvist stepped up his game, played some of the best hockey of his career in the 11-12 post season, and it took the Rangers 7 games to beat the 8th and 7th seed. Really, put that in perspective. I don't think anyone here will say Lundqvist was underwhelming in the post season last year. And it still took 7 games to beat the two lowest seeds. And I know people will criticize him for his inconsistent performance against the Devils, where his only two wins were shutouts. That's not a team contending for the Cup. Sorry, but it just isn't.

This season, again, Lundqvist played one of the best series of his career, putting in some of the best performances of his career, to beat the Capitals in 7 games. Again, I don't think anyone can criticize Lundqvist for his performance against the Capitals.

If you're goaltender is playing great hockey, and it always takes 7 games to beat teams with significantly less points than you (11-12) or teams with a virtually identical record (12-13) than you're not a team built for the Cup.

People are deluding themselves if they think otherwise. The goaltender faces too much responsibility for this team winning. That's the reality of it. It's a team built from the net out and there isn't enough of a presence amongst the entire team.

Lundqvist wins the Rangers a lot of games. When Lundqvist isn't playing well, how many games does the team win for him? Honest question. Not many.

And I'm trying to be objective. I know Lundqvist played a poor game last game. But until his team can step up and win a game for him, score a goal in an OT for him, etc, it's hard to always blame the goaltender. And frankly, I'm sick of it.
He did play well against the Sens and Caps last year, but he fell apart against NJD in 2 very important games. The 3-2 games he wasn't that bad. Last year he had the best playoff of his career and the team with no goal support ended up getting to the ECF (granted they were low seeds). My point is that if he played closer to what we saw in the first 2 rounds in the playoffs last year more often we'd have way more success over the years. Also, people forget that Richards saved his ass in game 5 of the Caps series last year. He allowed a terrible go ahead goal in the 3rd period of that game. If Richards didn't score his relatively lucky goal we're most likely done in 6 against the Caps.

This year against the Caps? Did the last 2 games blind Rangers fans? Game 1 he gives up one of the weakest goals I've ever seen him give up and another one that a goalie of caliber should stop. Games 3 and 4, he wasn't awful but he gave up 3 goals, each game he was pretty mediocre. That's after playing one of the best games of his career in game 2. I didn't even mention that in the breakdown. I counted that since 06-07 he has played 10 series and he was wildly inconsistent in 7 of them. The only series that wasn't the case was the Atlanta series in 07 (though game 1 he was pretty mediocre), and the first 2 rounds last year. I've broken all of those down except the first round series this year, which I thought was fresh in everyone's minds. This latest series will be either another inconsistent one, or worse just an awful one.

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