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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
Maybe favor is a wrong term but rationalize things that Branch does is a better word. I would throw in 2010 he "forgot" to bring the playoff MVP trophy for game 4 of Barrie-Windsor.
Well, he didn't forget anything, he doesn't bring the trophy's in the back of his car . He just took the hit for the guy who did. Its embarrassing and he admits as much.

Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
Do you think he's honest an up front with you or does he just say it to placate you because according to some people who are part of organizations he isn't as open to talk about things.
100 percent. Im also not a fan, so he knows that when I talk to him, I dont have that emotional, tribal interest in a team. I have talked suspensions, teams, plays, anything, and hes always been very consistent with his answers. I may not agree, but respect that he doesn't move around.

Of course people who are part of organizations will be upset with him, hes the one who hands out suspensions and discipline. Id be surprised if they liked him lol. Most who don't have a 'horse in the race' find him to be a straight shooter. Ive also known him for upwards of 4 years, so there may be more of a trust factor there. You should come out to some Minor Midget games next year and talk to him yourself.

Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
I don't think it's a slam dunk London has the best roster next year. Griffith and Broadhurst shouldn't be locks to be returned. What happens if some bad NHL team picks Horvat in the top 10 and he's in the NHL? They lose Harrington and Hughes as well. Maybe Hunter was able to hype up guys like Platzer, Elie, Jammes and Liberati to the selection committee as being future stars and that would make a lot more sense.
Elie is rated as a late second early third. Hes a top 6 forward next year on most teams. Platzer a top 9 and Jammes still an unknown. The thing about London is, that without making any moves, guys like Elie, Platzer and such are at best in their top 9.

They still will have Chris Tierney as a third line centre, who would be the top centre for the Colts this year. Guys like the Ruperts will still be second or third line guys, the defense will remain strong despite the loss of Harrington, they will still have two first round NHL picks on the back end with Zadarov and Maatta, plus others who will fill roles. They had the best roster this year, and have the most returning players. Griffith and Broadhurst will hurt, but they have the guys internally who can fill those roles. As of now (assuming that Broadhurst and Griffith are gone) they only have 1 OA spot spoken for. The selection committee doesn't look at it, but with the picks that they have and the 95's-96's that they could move, they could be outright scary.

Add in all the depth that they have in Jr A with guys like Santino Centorame, John DiLorenzo, Owen McDonald in Jr B. They are very, very deep.

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