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05-20-2013, 05:29 PM
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Saw one of the funniest moments at a drop in game i've seen in a while. On the bench is me and about 4 other guys, at the far end of the bench is an older lady (late 50s?) with her digital camera trying to get photos of the action. I find out from her she is taking photos for a photography class assignment. She continues shooting and I jump on the ice for my shift.

Several moments later I'm back on the bench and the kid next to me says something to her and she says "oh i'm just trying to get some photos for a photography class I'm in"...he stares at her for a second and says "who are you trying to get", she turns to him and says "two of my sons are here playing hockey, but I'm just trying to capture anyone that I can, this is difficult to capture!"

He looks at her dumbfounded and says...."MOM"...."I'm right here"

She turned bright red and laughed, and said something about him being gone for too long. Apparently she didn't recognize her own son from 6 feet away with a helmet on. (no visor or cage either lol)

I had a good laugh at the bench anyways.

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