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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
I'm not sure any amount of reasoning will convince razor that people without an allegence to an OHL team ( not staff or fans in other words) think London's returning roster is " perceived" to be the best, from what Ive read. It's all what ifs to him and that's fine. Thats all they can do is speculate and ive never heard one source not related to a team claim they dont have the best returning talent, period. I'm positive if the roster went 60-8 there would be some reasoning. If they don't finish first in Reg season and POs it'll be I told ya so.
I have a bias as I see London play a lot and am a fan of the work ethic the organization has starting at the top and all the way down. I've seen it, albeit at arms length. Yes they have a cash adv ------ that they built themselves thru hard work, continually icing good to very very good teams.
You and other London fans spent 3-4 months trashing Saskatoon and how they weren't any good. That same Saskatoon team went out and dominated one of the best teams in Canada for 45-50 minutes. That's my point nobody knows who the best is you have to prove it on the ice. The Knights were the best in the OHL the past 2 years but haven't shown they are the best in the CHL. Next year they don't even have to show they are the best in the OHL they have already been awarded the championship to host.

Why shouldn't it be an I told you so situation? You did the same thing with Saskatoon this year.

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