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We can hold off on voting if no one minds.

Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
You want to split hairs, eh?

There is quite a lot of press about Roenick's two-way game in his profile. "Deep" Selke voting is among the most worthless of modern statistics, and unless a guy was really good like a Datsyuk, there's really not much sense in trying to judge a scoringline player's defensive value based on his Selke record, alone. Jeremy Roenick was a strong two-way player at his peak. Since we seem to be re-posting old information, here goes. From Roenick's profile:
That's fine, but I was comparing Roenick's Selke record to Larmer's who was a Selke finalist.


It is hard to compare them offensively, but I think Morris was probably a bit better, though he can't be that much better because Roenick isn't that far behind guys like Hawerchuk and Perreault, and I seriously doubt Morris was on their level. You are trying to make the supposed offensive gap bigger than it really is. Jeremy Roenick was a very well-rounded player, and Bernie Morris was not. I've got them in the same tier, overall, at center, roughly average 2nd liners in a 32 team league. I don't see much point in squabbling over which one is the better player here. Depending on what you want in a center, it could go either way.
In weighted 10 year vsX scores, Roenick isn't as close to Hawerchuk as Brad Richards, Federko, and Lafontaine are to him.

Hawerchuk 83.22
Perreault 81.6
Roenick 78.01
Richards 75.18
Federko 75.07
Lafontaine 74.61

I'm not sure this cherrypicking is all that useful.

If you have Roenick and Morris on the same tier, how is the offensive gap not that big considering the difference in intangibles?

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