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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I don't think it's legitimate to ignore that the Habs were comprehensively demolished by their division rivals this season. Our second place ranking came entirely from beating up on the rest of the conference, which is on average softer.

Had we faced the Rangers, the Penguins, or the Capitals in the first round, we might be in the second round right now. Instead we faced a tough team and thus were neutralized, Canadiens players were basically dominated, rounded up, and executed. The Habs lack full-spectrum excellence at this time, we match up very well against one style and very poorly against another style. The style we match up poorly against is precisely that of our division rivals, whom we face more often than other teams.

I am in complete agreement with your last paragraph.
I like a lot of what you've written the last couple of pages, but don't fall off the edge into total exaggeration. The Habs were NOT demolished by our division. As E = CH² said, we were in a strong division. Even then, we dominated Boston, we righted the ship enough to whip the Leafs two out of the last three games, and we had a good record against Ottawa. Check out the inter-division records of the NE teams against each other:

MTL: 9-6-3
BOST: 10-6-2
TOR: 10-6-2
OTT: 7-8-3
BUFF: 9-7-2

Practically the same as Boston and Toronto and better than Ottawa. Our worst record was against the Atlantic division: 7-6-2. From that division, only Philly played us with any real physicality. Nobody demolished Montreal, which is why they finished 2nd in the EC.

And all your hyperbole about being rounded up and executed (though I dig the metaphor) really comes down to two playoff games where the Habs tried to act tough, but failed. In the end, we were executed by injuries and a couple of stupid undisciplined games. Wanna' pretend our entire season didn't happen? Your choice, but you ignore the fact that this team had an amazing season and is 90% there.

As to the remaining 10%, yeah, that's where we agree the Habs need more size - especially on D. But we need those bigger guys to wreck the other team's offensive setups and clear their forwards from around our net. We need a very functional type of size to get the puck out of our damn zone and crowd the other team's net; we don't need size for some vague notion of being 'tougher'.

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