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05-20-2013, 08:45 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Way, way agreed.

I'm quite critical of MT's misdeeds in the last stretch and MB since the Desharnais extension and his inactivity at the deadline but I won't say that I gave up on them... it's just the greater culture of the club hasn't really seemed to change and I'm wondering at what point we'll see a noticeable difference between the Gillette/Boivin/Gainey era and the Molson/Savard/Bergevin era.
The greater culture hasn't changed? You expected it to change in half a season in a season with no training camp?
It's because of comments like those that other posters believe some have given up on the GM.
I mean really, it's been half a year, clearly Bergevin believes in a more rugged line up with the additions of Armstrong, Prust and Bouillon. He also made a claim on Sestito but unfortunately got beat to it. Can't change everything in one summer/half a season buddy.

Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
They're both preach patience and character, they both don't like making drastic moves and both groups LOVE sticking to the status quo.
Something that is very true and I'm glad Bergevin focused on that is that building a contender for years needs to be done through proper drafting and development, not the open market. You can't do that overnight, so whether you like it or not, you will have to be patient.

Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
After last year's debacle a more aggressive GM would've ripped the leadership structure and made sure the team knew that the regime had changed - this one did the opposite: they coddled Gionta, Gorges and Markov as if we just came off a hard fought SCF loss. Bergevin traded for Drewiske even though most of our offense at the time (and since) was reliant on unproven super young players and PK Subban's PP heroics. Our best scoring depth was Bournival/LeBlanc in hamilton.
A more careless and dumb GM would have ripped the structure you mean.
No general manager of any company will come into a new team and completely change the structure without going through an evaluation process.
Bergevin knew he had a lot of work to do, but how does he know just how good Plekanec is? How does he know Plekanec's eating habits, work habits, personality, attitude, etc..??
He can't oversee everything in depth by himself, so he hires a big staff that he trusts, he did that.
No matter how much you hate Gionta, no rookie GM will ever come into Mtl and just trade the captain right off the bat. I mean seriously, be realistic a bit. That will never happen.

As for the trade deadline, I disagree with you. I'm glad Bergevin didn't make any significant moves. Making one or two moves would have likely changed very little (not winning the cup this year) and it possibly would have flawed our perception.
Not significant moves was the right way to properly assess this team in the POs.
Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
It's those kinda small moves and non-moves that upset me - classic small-time "we'll be a stronger team next year!" kinda mentality.

I remember when people were drooling about Grabovski/Kostitsyn/Kostitsyn coming up. Has our club really improved since then? I know our on-ice team is more talented, for sure but we're still operating like we used to. It's time to trade some of these prospects for good players, it's time to make some hard moves. Buy out Gionta, buy out Kaberle - don't settle for mediocrity just because it works hard. We have a very hard-working team already - Kostopoulos isn't going to win us a cup we need to get another good d-man, and a GREAT scoring winger. They're not cheap but we have the assets.
Not sure how our prospect pool is at has anything to do with Bergevin. He's been through one draft and people consider the Habs the big winners of last year's draft, so really, I don't get what you're saying.

And on one hand you mock our prospect pool by saying our scoring depth in AHL is Leblanc and Bournival, not comparable to the times of Kost broz-Grabo, but then finish by saying we have the assets to grab ''a good Dman and GREAT scoring winger''.

Again, you are making assumptions based off half a season ''we're still operating like we used too''. If you expected a rookie GM to come here and start making some crazy trades, then your expectations were a tad ridiculous.
You can look at the Flyers or the Rangers for GMs that are aggressive, yet Philly missed the POs this year and the NYR haven't been to the Cup finals since they won a year after us.

Bergevin took a team that finished 28th and in his first season as a GM ever, he finished 2nd in the East, top of his division. This without making any big moves.
Now you have a different expectation though. Going into next season, you should expect this team to be better, but a lot of it should also come from youngsters.

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