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01-04-2004, 08:28 AM
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Updated Prospect Point Totals Thoughts

some players that stuck out in my mind...

The Crowd
Noah Clarke - Way to go! I guess keep this up and one day they'll pull you back up buddy!

Barney - same with you!

James - pretty good point totals for a very low draft pick. as always size is an issue, but i am starting to think that if we bulk up on fiesty small guys, we may be able to turn the "big player" nhl against them. it's a good way to be innovative IMO. who knows, it miught work and we may be able to just use our speed and get round all the slow big guys.

Hogeboom - also pretty good point totals. i would like to see how he turns out

Guerin - wow, near PPG player for a freshman. much like James, i too would like to see all these speedy small guys have a chance to go around the biger players.

Murray - need i say anything? last i checked, he was 1 up on Parise, which makes him look like a 5th round steal! not to mention i been reading up on the WJC on this board and they'v ebeen saying that this guy is the guy that's making everything happening and Parise is just getting the points for it. Definately another small guy i can't wait to see try out the NHL.

Steckel - after a disappointing 2 years, he's starting to regain shape. call me a pessimist, but i really think we missed the boat on this pick. will he turn out? possibly, but at the best, i see him as a 3rd liner, kuznetzov-like forward. oh well, hopefully he can prove me wrong and turn it up from here on out!

*for all pepole who going to get mad at me thinking we missed the boat on Steckel, it's becuase there are many other prospects picked after Steckel that are currently doing better. I think we were emphasizing size too much and in result got had. No, i'm not callin him a bust yet, but i do think we could have done better.

Kanko - Way to go pal!

Rome - also another good pick in the 4th round. we did fairly well on his draft year. if he's a stay at home defender with these point totals, man, he's goign to be a beast up here. can't wait to see how he fits int he NHL.

The Crowd

Grebeshkov - not sure how he is doing but i expected him to have a few more points in the AHL. is he disappointing the manchester fans? can anyone who watched him tell us how he's playing?

Tambellini - I kinda expected more domination out of his sophmore year. what's going on with him? anyone got the inside scoop?

Boyle - Not sure wat to expect out of his freshman year, but is 7 points in 18 games still good? I'm really fearing he may have only dominated high school purely on his size. but at the same time, it's his freshman year! i'm real ignorant on this issue too, not sure wat to expect out of a freshman, just hope BC helps his play a lot!

The :mad: Crowd

Lehoux - why are we even keeping this guy as a "top offensive" prospect? ugh, i'm so frustrated with him!

Karlsson - wat league is the SEL and are his point totals good? i really hope he can turn out for us when i am fearing the worst... just like with steckel.

Pushkarev - ok, i'm real ignorant on the Russian leagues, but 1 point in 18 games has to be disappointing right? man!!! i thoguht this ugy was going to be good!! wats going on pushkarev!

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