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Originally Posted by OptimusReim1 View Post
I am currently going into grade 11 and thinking about a future career in sports management. I love sports and business so they seemed like a great fit.

Despite this, i am wondering what courses i need to take in high school to get into sports management. What marks i need to get? I live in ontario so im going for brock university because i hear there BSM program is one of the best and it is fairly close to me. Anyways, anyone here have any experience or anything? how hard is it to get a good job at sports mangement.

I really like this career and am highly considering but would love some help. Thanks.
Do you know what concentration you want to pair with your Sports Management degree? I don't know anything about Brock University's Sports Management program, but here in Colorado (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) the Sports Management program is part of the College of Business (other universities offer it in the School of Kinesiology). We take Sports Management core classes and then the remaining classes focusing on either Finance, Marketing, Management or Human Resources.

I'm not sure what your current school offers regarding courses, but I would probably focus on math, economics and any other "business" related courses.

Not sure about Brock, but at UCCS, admission into the program is not only based on grades/GPA, but on participation in sports, sport-related activities and community involvement. If the same is true for Brock, keep your grades up but also try to involve yourself in sports and community programs.

Again, not sure about Brock, but the UCCS Sports Management program has "competitive" admissions standards, so the more you do outside of the classroom, the better chance you have of being admitted.

As far as landing a job,'s not what I would call easy. But if you can get an internship while at University... Take it! Work your butt off and volunteer for anything. Be prepared for little to no pay. Make connections through your internship and with University alumni... Sometimes it's all about who you know.

Don't focus solely on getting an internship or job that involves your favourite sport/team. If you get an opportunity with any sport/team take it. I have a very good friend that loves baseball, but he was offered a job at US Figure Skating (that's where we met) and he took it. Four years later he's now working for MLB Advanced Media. I have another friend that interned at US Figure Skating and later landed a job with the US Olympic Committee in the Sport Performance Division. They both worked their butt off and eventually landed the job of their dreams.

I hope this helped a little bit! Good luck!


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