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05-20-2013, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Byrddog View Post
Hellberg's trade value is greatest right now, he will be a starter in the league in a couple years if we put him behind Rinne for a year his value could be hurt due to limited play. Smith would be an improvment over Mason and have the motivastion to improve where Mason knew he was a back-up at the end of his career. With Korns reputation and the Preds ability to develop goalies DP could get a late 2nd round pick for Hellberg and use late round picks to get more European goalies that we seem to have ability to find.

12 to 15 games will be the back-up workload with Pekka healthy but if hes injured the teams in trouble. So Hellberg staying would be the logical thing but this is athe team that re-signed Mason brought in Hannan to play a significant role so the logic become about as clear as Mud at times.
Really hope that's not the course of action the front office takes. Using a 2nd round pick on a player, then turning around and selling him early in his career for a different 2nd round pick is a huge waste of time and resources. I'm not sure why you think his value has peaked? Lindback's value skyrocketed after being backup to Rinne for a couple seasons. I could see Hellberg taking an identical path as Lindback.

The goalie prospect pool is bare. We definitely can't afford to give away what we have for picks. Let Hellberg develop for a couple seasons, then go from there. If his value drops, then so what. That's what prospect development is all about.

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