Thread: Post-Game Talk: Detroit wins Game 3 3-1
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05-20-2013, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by The Red Line View Post
I hate to be yet another Wings fan in here, and know you already have a disdain for me - I think it should have been 2 minutes, but wasn't completely shocked that it wasn't after watching the replay multiple times. The Hawks got absolutely robbed on the non-goal, and I think make up calls are one of the worst aspects of hockey. Why cover up a possible mistake with an even more blatant one?

More responding to your post a few posts above where you said the Hawks were clearly the better team. Maybe I'm just a blind homer... well we know I'm that already... but I really thought the Wings were the better team for 60 minutes tonight, despite the bad officiating both ways. I'm really not trying to troll, but what did you see that makes you think the Hawks were better?
When someone says they are not trolling that is usually a preface for the fact they are indeed trolling. FYI.

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