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01-04-2004, 08:44 AM
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Originally Posted by habitué
I am really impressed by all the replies and "expert" analysis of the Katstisyn draft pick. None of us ever saw him playing. That's right. But this organization made so much mistakes in the past that I won't believe until I see the guy performing in a Habs'uniform.

For those who said that it is easy to find a tall, fast offensive centerman, how come the club is unable (since years...) to get one in a deal ? That's why Carter would had been a better choice. In modern NHL hockey (grab and trap crap), how many fast skilled wingers are making the difference, outside Kovalchuk ?
The reason why the organizatino made so much mistakes in the past is because they were drafting with NEEDS! And that's the worst thing to do because you don't draft the "best player" but the "best player that will play that kind of hockey". That's like passing up on a 1st line offensive forward who will rack up 90 points a year to take a 2nd line two-way forward because he is more suited for your team...

The teams change during the player's developpement. The reason why the team can't get this fast, big offensive centerman is because of poor management. But the staff has changed since and you can see it.

But you also said that you won't be sure of Kastsitsyn because of the organisation's last mistakes and that you won't be sure until he is in a habs uniform, but at the same time you're sure that Carter would have been a better choice? That's a nonsense to me...

As Marc the Habs Fan said, change Jeff Carter's name to Tokishima Otto and make him play for team Japan and change Andrei Kastitsyn's name to Réjean Dubé and play him for team Canada. It's obvious that you will prefer Réjean Dubé, but it's only because of Tokishima's lack of exposure. (Man I don't like the comparaison I just made but anyway)

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