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05-20-2013, 11:25 PM
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Hey 'sup everyone

Call me Zetterberg's beard. Reason: for obvious reasons!
Been lurking here for a couple of years now; time to take the plunge and contribute.
I hail from Vancouver, BC. I'll admit it! I was a casual Canucks fan once ('03-'08. Then the Canucks missed the playoffs, and I became disillusioned with them. You know what happened later that year )
I have no favorite or least favorite players. I believe hockey is too much of a team sport for individualistic favors such as favorite players. Not much preference in terms of food or beer either.

Other teams/sports I follow:
New England Patriots (2008 )
Boston Celtics (2008 )
Chelsea F.C. (2008 )
Tennis (Roger Federer (2008 ))
German national football team (2008 )
Sweden national hockey team (2006 and the Detroit connection)

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