Thread: Post-Game Talk: Detroit wins Game 3 3-1
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05-21-2013, 05:43 AM
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After watching the game again and calming down here it is.

The Hawks playing this style and game won't win anything. People shouldn't be surprised at what isn't and isn't being called, it's the playoffs, the refs swallow the whistle and lets the boys go at it. The Hawks aren't not built to match this style of play and choose not to. Fine if you not going to try to match the physical play of your opponent you have to have a PP that punishes them for playing that way, the Hawks don't have either. It puts them in a position that teams know they can punish them and if they take a penalty oh well nothing will come of it.

They also are not making goalies have to work at all to make these saves. Its becoming obvious that it's not that the Hawks running into these amazing goalies but their lack of making them work makes them look good. Jimmy Howard just had one of the easiest 39 save nights any goalie has ever had. He knows he can give up a rebound because their aren't people there and he can see every shot that comes in for the same reason. Just look at the play right after they pull the goalie. Handsuz gets the puck and gets right to the dot, there is not 1 Hawks between him and Howard and it ends up being an easy save on a wrist shot.

These things need to change. They need to get a bit of grit into their game, get people in front of the net, cause havoc, create screens, knock in rebounds. It's what was soo successgul in 2010, guys like Buff, Ladd, Kopecky, Brouwer even at times, would stand in front of the goalie and cause problems. Now whether it's 5v5 or worse on the PP it's 2 guys on the blue line, 2 guys on the boards and a guy below the goal line as if that's going to somewho generate scoring chances. Teams know how to shut down the offense, keep them outside and don't let them make those pretty passes across the zone and you can shut down their offense.

This isn't the regular season, the games are dirty and more physical, teams play you in 7 straight games and start to understand your system and start to learn how to stop you. It's clear the Red Wings have learned how to shut down the current gameplan of the Hawks. It's now time for Q to change things up and develop a plan that can't be stopped or one that the Wings have to adjust too again.

I am not on here to say this team sucks and blow it up, so don't put words in my mouth saying I did. All I am saying is that right now these team needs to change their gameplan because the puck possession, free flowing, team that can't punish people on the PP is going to get punched in the mouth with no worry as to any consequences. Babcock made a good game plan change, now it's Q's turn to respond.

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