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05-21-2013, 08:02 AM
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We could of course use another good forward, and a good playmaking forward could really help our PP (we just have a great shortage of players who are comfortable handling the puck).

But -- unless we get like a forward in the mold of a younger MSL, Datsyuk/Zetterberg, or someone like that, who really are good with the puck all over the ice and especially great at getting the puck up ice -- I don't think it changes the fundamental flaws this team have.

Something that undoubtedly would help us alot though, that is a good puckmoving D. In three areas really: i) he would help us get up ice, ii) he would help us creating scoring chances after getting stuck in the corners, and iii) he would help us on the PP.

Torts is an extremely one dimensional coach, right now atleast (last season he talked about towards the end of the year about being more constructive with the puck). But he doesn't cripple his players and that is a good thing. Its like obvious that he teaches one thing, but if a player that knows what he is doing, does something else and it works Torts will not get on that players back. That was very obvious when a player like Vlac Prospal (and also Fedetenko) was here, he would often reverse on the attacking blueline when we had no chance to put pressure on a forecheck and start over instead and I litterary saw Torts pat him on the back several times for it. Thoose plays are obviously something that is never drawn up here in NY. Dan Boyle is another example. He is as far from a "Torts type of D" that you can get, but Torts loved him and Boyle was great under Trots. If we had a "Dan Boyle" in his prime, we would just become that much harder to play against. A player like that would definitely make us so much less one dimensional. He would help us get up ice. He would help us on the PP. He would give us a punch that we just don't have today once in the attacking zone.

We have 4 LD's right now, and two RD's with Girardi (who I think core in the room as much on the ice). I think a Moore-McIlrath 3rd pairing could become a force in the NHL a tad sooner than people might expect.

If we could get a left handed playmaker who is elite on the PP, you gotta look at that. Yakubov/Eberle could of course have a big impact on the PP, which certainly would help. But I don't at all believe in getting someone like Bobby Ryan. That player would be very expensive to get, would cost alot having, and wouldn't fix any of the fundamental flaws we have (just like Gabby didn't fix it or Nash haven't fixed 'em).

Unless we could get like a Eberle/Yakubov in a trade that makes sense (which seems unlikely), I would rather keep the assets and cap space we have and just bomb away whenever a top offensive capable right D becomes available. If Torts is going to stay in NY, we just must have a offensive punch from the blueline.

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