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01-04-2004, 08:59 AM
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Originally Posted by habitué
But this organization made so much mistakes in the past that I won't believe until I see the guy performing in a Habs'uniform.

That's fair, but this organization made mistakes in the past. Under past scouts, and past management. This management team has been involved with the success of the Avalanche, Senators and Stars. Three championship clubs that built their foundation through the draft.

I'm with you on not believing a prospect's really a player until they're suited up and on NHL ice. But there's a difference between being cautious and stating the Habs should have picked some other player six months after the draft, without having seen much of either player.

Originally Posted by habitué
For those who said that it is easy to find a tall, fast offensive centerman, how come the club is unable (since years...) to get one in a deal ?
By the same logic, how come the club has been unable to obtain any first line wingers?

Originally Posted by habitué
In modern NHL hockey (grab and trap crap), how many fast skilled wingers are making the difference, outside Kovalchuk ?
Looking at the top ten scorers last season: Naslund, Hejduk, Bertuzzi, Murray and Heatley. That's five. Two of the best goalscorers this year are Nash and Kovalchuk, both wingers.

From 10-20 ranks in scoring last year: Mogilny, Palffy, Hossa, Prospal, Kovalev.

I understand your point that the name of the game is strength down the middle and defense in today's NHL, but don't underestimate the need for creativity, and balanced scoring as well. Always draft the best player available.

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